Way to Prepare JEE Mains & Class 12th Board Exams 2020 Exam Together

Way to Prepare JEE Mains & Class 12th Board Exams 2020 Exam Together

1. Find out the Similar and imp Topics


JEE Mains exam syllabus includes topics from both class 11 and class 12 .

Board exams cover only 12th syllabus. So it is desirable to  make a list of important topics for Board and JEE Main Exam. By which you should find out the similar topics for both the exams.


2. Make suitable Learning Timetable


Divide Subject syllabus and time for each subject topic. Now complete min. a topic of each subject per day. For the preparation of 12th Board exam and JEE main you have to be Learn Properly. For JEE mains set a few hours to revise Class 11th topics. By time management you can cover the entire syllabus for both JEE Main and Board exams.


3. Prepare notes and revise it

Prepare Pointwise notes on important topics and formulas. Make notes in a way so that you quickly revised the syllabus during the last minutes. The writing down makes your speedy and improve accuracy during the problem solving  It is advised to learn the things via PEN-PAPER Method will remember better and longer time.


4. Practice Makes perfect


For JEE mains the concepts of Class 11 and Class 12 NCERT books are important. The students are advised to practice with Mock test paper, and short topic wise papers. You have to  practice every end of topic you Learn continuously. You will surely in JEE Main with best rank and with best percentage in Board exam.


5. Make Yourself Comfortable


Lastly you have to prepare yourself for the exam in which you are comfortable. So do not take any tension during the exam, only give your best. Surely you will feel better and crack the rank in JEE exam.

 Do not over react in the coaching preparation module only learn Via NCERT. NCERT is the key preparation tools for various Engg and pre medical exams. Best of your Effort.