New Education Policy 2020:The format of 10 + 2 has been completely abolished the new school curriculum runs according to 5+ 3+ 3+ 4

In the new education policy, it has been said to keep the medium of instruction in the mother tongue, local or regional language up to the fifth class. It can be extended to class eight or even further. Foreign languages ​​will be studied from secondary level. However, it has also been said in the new education policy that no language will be imposed.
• By the year 2030, 100% GER (Gross Enrolment Ratio) in education has been targeted for education up to the secondary level.
• Two crore children currently staying away from school will be brought back into the mainstream. For this, development of school infrastructure and new education centers will be established.
• The new curriculum structure of 5 + 3 + 3 + 4 will be implemented in place of 10 + 2 structure of school curriculum, which is for children aged 3-8, 8-11, 11-14, and 14-18 respectively. There is a provision to bring children of 3-6 years who have been kept away till now under the school curriculum, which has been recognized globally as an important stage for the mental development of the child.

Foundation stage
The first three years children will take pre-schooling education in Anganwadi. Then in the next two years, children in class one and two will study in school. A new curriculum will be prepared for these five years of studies. Focus will be largely on activity based learning. It will cover children between three and eight years of age. In this way, the first five years of studies will be completed.
Preparatory stage
In this phase, classes three to five will be studied. During this time, children will be taught science, mathematics, arts etc. through experiments. Children between eight and 11 years of age will be covered in it.
Middle stage
It will cover classes 6-8 and will cover children between 11-14 years of age. These classes will be taught subject based courses. Skill development courses will also be started from class six.
Secondary stage
Classes nine to 12 will be taught in two phases, in which subjects will be studied in depth. There will also be freedom to choose subjects.
Earlier this was the arrangement
Previously government schools did not have pre-schooling. There was a general education from class one to 10. From class 11, subjects could be selected.