NEET (UG)2021: How to solve more Questions in Limited Time

The number of questions asked in the exam – NEET(UG) 2021 - has been increased to allow a choice for students. The number of questions in the test has increased to 200 from 180 earlier. The number of questions that need to be attempted continues to be 180. The duration of the exam is 180 minutes.

It is very important that students practise enough tests of this pattern to get enable the rhythm in their attempt .In this type of Exams Students need to decide quicker to take advantage by solving the easy questions first.

Students should attempt easier questions first, divide time for each subject as per their personal strengths and focus on the straightforward questions first. While attempting the exam, focusing on one question for too long is risky since students have less than a minute to spare for each question.

Students should focus on each subject and topic and not overthink about the pattern, instead of that they can focus on the subjects they are good at which will help them to score. To effectively manage Time during the exam, students should focus on revisions more and not start learning afresh in the final days of preparation. With the Learn-Practice -Learn strategy students can tackle the exam.